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If you are looking to improve your french, you are in the right place! I am a friendly and energetic university student who loves to speak French, meet new people and make friends.

Whether you are a concerned parent who wishes to help his children perform better in school, or a university student who needs a refresher on the French grammar before an important test, or just someone who is enthusiastic about learning new languages and would like some practice speaking French, it is never too late to get a tutor and start getting ahead!

First Steps Are Always The Hardest

First Steps

Know when you need help and ask for it proudly!

Looking for a tutor doesn't mean that you're less intelligent than your peers. It means you're more conscientious, more determined and more passionate about accomplishing your goals. Be proud of that! Now, explore my site, find out what I can do for you and give me a shout. We shall take those tough first steps together!

Bilingual Poem

Here nothing happens
all’s on the other side
time folded like a coat
lies in a corner
the sea comes clearly in
through the glass door
and on the walls
the watery light is trembling
prison or sanctuary
so well locked up
in its own vision
that the instant’s peace
is drunk in a rimless cup
out there a ship is listing
under sail
and with the blue of the spray
I damp the page

Manawydan’s Glass Door
(d’après David Jones, 1931)
(from Pages aquarelles, 1989)