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Why hire a tutor?


Improved Grades
To improve gradually slipping grades is often why students or parents start looking for a tutor, and tutoring certainly would help with the improvement of grades, but it shouldn't be the only reason to seek out a tutor.

Enhanced Self-Esteem
Students that have a tutor will have a better understanding of the subject matter than their peers, which will enable them to understand their teachers in a way they, perhaps, never have before. This will give the students a new feeling of confidence and have a positive influence on their attitude to learning.

Frustration into Fun
We usually hate things that we don't understand. We stay away from them. We try not not to think about them. The only problem is: how do we master something we avoid? A tutor can help students turn a subject they hate into a subject they like. Very often it is the little things that are missed and that make the most difference. Turning frustration into fun means enjoying the subject and progressively making the tutor unnecessary.

Long-Term Improvement
A tutor is more than just someone who shows you a different way of doing things or enables you to see things from a different perspective. A good tutor will instill positive study habits, help combat procrastination and develop self-motivation. All these skills will tremendously help students succeed later in life, be it at school or on the job.

Tutoring Myths

  • Tutoring guarantees better grades. While tutoring does typically improve grades, you will have to do a lot of work on your own to improve your grades.
  • Tutoring produces instant results. The results are never immediate and depend in large on the number of attended tutoring session and your motivation and desire to improve.
  • One lengthy tutoring session is just as helpful as several shorter ones. Newly learned knowledge takes a while to settle, and a tutoring session should rarely exceed an hour. A student needs to have time to familiarize oneself with the new material before moving on.
  • All tutors are interchangeable. Building a trusting relationship with a tutor can take time. This will make the student feel at ease and enable the tutor to tailor the lessons according to the student's needs. This can never happen if one keeps replacing tutors.